Advocates for Autism

AN art exhibition by Advocates for Autism kids, in collaboration with artist Mary Claire Kehoe, has been an important project to give kids with autism the opportunity to express themselves.
Advocates for Autism would like to thank Wexford County Council for the funding received under its ‘Creative Community Programme’ and local artist Mary Clair Kehoe for this project.
Artist Mary Claire put together the children’s pieces of art to create one masterpiece – entitled ‘Making Your Own Space’.

‘We had a garden, a path, different paintings, flowers, handprints and much more,’ said Anne Marie Kelly of Advocates for Autism. ‘Everyone had a part to play.’
The exhibition was held at Pugin Court in Mary Claire’s studio and the children were ecstatic to see their final piece of work on display. ‘It gives children with autism the chance to work in a group, work with their siblings and collaborate with other children too,’ said Anne Marie.

The project took three weeks to complete, with each family getting five-days to finish their work.
Anne Marie said the project gives the kids an opportunity to use materials they might not have had used before, such as charcoal and clay.
‘We feel it is very important children with autism get a chance like this to work with their peers,’ said Anne Marie.
Advocates for Autism hope to approach Wexford County Council again to secure future funding for similar projects.

Advocates for Autism would like to thank all those who attended.

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