Advocates for Autism

An amazing night for Advocates for Autism, winner in the Charity of the Year category of the @goreyawards !

A very proud moment for a wonderful group of parents who tirelessly advocate for their children and have created a valuable resource in the Gorey community.

On behalf of all our children and families we would like to thank Gorey Awards for an amazing night with a huge effort from all your team where everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It was our first year, what an honour and then to win, made all our hard work so worth it! We really appreciate everyone who was involved and thanks for having us!
We would also like to thank Cllr Andrew Bolger for all his hard work helping families this year. We all really appreciate everything you do and can never thank you enough!
The group is growing and are very welcoming to new members!
Please check out the Facebook page:
Looking forward to seeing what this year brings for everyone… 💙🧡💙


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